Break out of the old and into the new.

Welcome to NueHealth. A global network of providers and facilities that puts healthcare in your hands. Right where it should be.

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We’re all about value

The average person spends nearly $10,000 a year on healthcare in the US. NueHealth puts a stop to this with networks and plans that deliver care at an affordable price. 

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Transformation is underway

We’re evolving healthcare into a simpler, more affordable model for everyone. See how our team is leading the charge.

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We’re changing healthcare for good

Today’s healthcare model is broken. The average person spends thousands of dollars a year just trying to stay well. At NueHealth, we’re changing all of that. We develop advanced technology, integrated physician networks and bundled payments to give you more control, more savings, more flexibility. For an all-around better experience.








Health Systems

It’s all about connections

Our integrated provider networks empower everyone to take charge of their healthcare experience. No matter who you are — patient, physician or employer — we help you navigate the shifting landscape with sure footing.

Hassle-free benefits administration

It’s our mission to build value into each plan we develop for an employer, payor or association. That way, they can offer personalized care to their people at a fair price. Combined with our bundled payment options and growing physician network, our benefit solutions are a force to be reckoned with.

Our experts are leading the evolution

“Every day, we work hard to change the future of healthcare. Our goal is to transform the current complicated system into a simple model that benefits everyone. With integrated provider networks and progressive solutions, we’ve already reinvented the way people access, manage and pay for basic healthcare needs. And we’re not done yet.”

Dan Tasset

Chairman, NueHealth