Meet the brains behind it all

NueHealth was founded in 2014 by a team of entrepreneurs and industry experts who are committed to rethinking and reinventing healthcare around the world.

Dan Tasset | Executive Chairman

Dan Tasset is a seasoned entrepreneur who co-founded and currently chairs two industry-leading healthcare enterprises. He began with Nueterra Capital, a private equity firm that invests in multiple aspects of healthcare, equipping others with the resources and expertise to drive change in the industry. From there, he developed NueHealth, a portfolio company developing joint ventures and an Integrated Ambulatory System and improving opportunities for consumers to take active control of their healthcare.

Through his achievements with these companies, including strategic partnerships and innovations and revenue-generating delivery models, Mr. Tasset has positioned Nueterra Capital and NueHealth to be industry leaders in the patient-to-consumer revolution and provider payment reform.

John R. Palumbo | Executive Vice Chairman

John Palumbo is a senior healthcare executive with over 30 years of experience covering a wide range of market segments. Along with his history of launching successful small to mid-size companies and proven leadership and operating skills in large Fortune 100 companies, Mr. Palumbo offers a wealth of expertise in areas such as company transformation, strategic management, high performance culture skills, mergers and acquisitions, financial and operating reporting systems, investment banking, profit and loss reporting, financial strategy and long-term budgetary oversight.

As executive vice chairman of NueHealth, Mr. Palumbo provides board-level oversight of company operations, including those of identified subsidiaries and consumer channel companies, and assists regional teams in growing sales and partner channels within their respective market.

Steve Harmon | Chief Executive Officer

As chief executive officer, Steve Harmon is focused on corporate exploration of new market areas and the development of new technologies relevant to the NueHealth mission and Integrated Ambulatory System. With deep expertise in international business development and relationship building, Mr. Harmon helps NueHealth develop powerful partnerships with healthcare technology companies, provider groups and industry investors that share the company’s unique focus. In his previous roles, Mr. Harmon has been vital to the success of NueHealth and its partners by discovering first-to-market business opportunities and developing focused leadership teams to accelerate their implementation.

Steve Garver | Chief Strategy Officer

Steve Garver brings to his role the business insight and planning prowess gained from more than 30 years as a strategic consultant, operations officer and CEO, including senior vice presidencies with Siemens Healthcare and Cerner Corporation. His consultation work has included the development of new programs for healthcare reform and advanced technology solutions, while also managing global market opportunities. In addition, he has worked with several startup companies, facilitating their success with through lead efforts in business strategy, operational planning, client services, software development, and contract management. These experiences allow Mr. Garver to provide key direction and strategic support to the NueHealth executive team.

Jon H. Friesen, CMCE, PAHM | Chief Operations Officer

In April 2011, Jon H. Friesen, Certified Managed Care Executive and Professional in the Academy for Healthcare Management, joined U.S. Operations at Nueterra as its Chief Financial Officer; since that time he has expertly managed all domestic aspects of the company’s financial planning and reporting. Mr. Friesen brings to his position more than 25 years of healthcare industry experience, having previously filled such progressive management positions as CFO, COO, and CEO of various managed healthcare organizations.

James Morse, CPA | Chief Financial Officer

Jim has gained extensive healthcare accounting experience throughout his progression of roles in the industry. Beginning at KPMG, Jim served on the audit team for several hospitals, as well as serving as interim Controller at two hospitals. Jim then spent 13 years working at four hospitals, the first two as Controller and the second two as CFO. His last CFO role was for a new physician owned hospital which gave Jim valuable start-up and privately held company experience. That experience helped land him, and be successful in, his multiple roles within the finance department at NueHealth, which he has worked at since 2006.

Marc Rubinger | Chief Information Officer

Marc Rubinger is a renowned healthcare business entrepreneur and technology leader. He was the founder and CEO of Compass Solutions, where he spent 11 years impacting positive returns from IT investments for healthcare organizations, and a senior executive with Genesis Health and Shared Medical Systems (now Siemens Health). As the National Partner in charge of healthcare software at Ernst & Young, Mr. Rubinger helped the company become the number one provider of management software to the acute care market.

Now serving as NueHealth’s chief information officer, Mr. Rubinger has aligned elements of communication, data aggregation and analysis, and quality reporting to support a simple but revolutionary delivery platform that is driving down costs, improving surgical outcomes, and helping a broad healthcare audience tackle unique challenges.

Denise Mayhew | Chief Administrative Officer

With more than 25 years of operational management experience in the ambulatory surgical and healthcare industry, Denise Mayhew is committed to helping NueHealth partners work smarter, better and faster. She has been with the company since its inception, occupying numerous executive positions along the way, and has been instrumental in the operational development of more than 100 surgery centers, specialty hospitals and ancillary facilities.

Known for her versatile work style and success in managing physician and client relations, Mrs. Mayhew now serves as chief administration officer and head of project management for the advisory services division. In addition to keeping every development on-task and on-target, her vital expertise in strategic planning has contributed to operational performance improvements, targeted growth initiatives and improved financial success within facilities.

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