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As the healthcare industry continues to evolve, you often find yourself challenged to locate affordable care options that are accessible and also high quality. Instead, you encounter unforeseen charges, duplicated services and an overly complicated process when moving between primary-care providers and specialists. But this isn’t the case when you work with NueHealth providers and value-driven facilities. With us, you gain access to transparent end-to-end care, in which providers communicate seamlessly and bundled payments account for all care and follow-up costs.

Payors & Employers

As a payor, you too are facing rising costs in healthcare. We know you want to provide viable options for your members. And this is where NueHealth presents one of the most tangible benefits: the development and administration of value-based contracts and bundled payment plans with all-inclusive pricing from diagnostics to treatment to follow-up, as well as any complications that arise. We enable you to offer these options to members with custom plans while also providing full access to integrated provider networks.

Today’s healthcare benefits demand a near-crippling percentage of company budgets, leaving you to make tough decisions about what you’re able to offer employees. Fortunately, NueHealth has built proprietary processes and technologies to help you identify pain points within employee populations. Then we build custom plans and direct provider contracts to meet their specific needs.


We help physicians across a variety of specialties maintain independence and stay competitive in a challenging marketplace. Working with NueHealth, you can take advantage of extensive referral and care-coordination networks, group-purchasing power, and a stronger negotiating voice. We offer multiple solutions, including: industry-leading protocols that improve outcomes and performance, advanced surgical and recovery models for outpatient procedures, and improved operational efficiency and costs. As part of our network, you’ll downsize the cost of doing business while upsizing profitability and patient satisfaction.

Health systems

Bringing specialty facilities and physicians together, NueHealth connects you with people dedicated to building value into each step of the healthcare journey. As federal law mandates a movement toward a value-based payment system, hospitals are expected to take on greater risk. We support you in this new model with a more appropriate care setting, as well as clinical and financial integration. Our innovations guarantee continued case volume and offer additional security, including shared risk, technology-driven communication, data sharing and group-purchasing power. Plus, we manage everything from ambulatory surgery centers and hospitals to physical therapy centers and pathology labs. Encouraging collaboration across facilities, we enable you to sustain revenues while improving outcomes and patient satisfaction.

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