Welcome to the future

At NueHealth, we put healthcare in your hands

Healthcare spending in the US is projected to reach $3.8 trillion by the end of 2015. That averages out to a whopping $10,000 per person. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

At NueHealth, we’re creating a world where healthcare is a win-win for everyone. Hospitals and surgical facilities are built to the highest standards. Physicians are connected directly to their patients and benefit from custom-built payor contracts. Companies are able to offer lower-cost benefit packages to their employees. And patients are truly satisfied with quality of care.

Sound too good to be true? Not anymore.

NueHealth welcomes you into a growing network of people who crave a different kind of healthcare experience. We develop low-cost sites of service as part of our Integrated Ambulatory System, and prepare the world for risk while accelerating value-based initiatives, including bundled payment plans. It’s all about giving you greater control over your costs, your health and your future.

It’s fair to say, we put healthcare in your hands.

We're building a new healthcare model.
One that works for you.

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