Unrivaled in the healthcare industry our market position is unparalleled because of our people. Our team has a collective 100 years of experience in delivering in every aspect of healthcare from managing your facility to delivering value-based care.

Dan Tasset
Executive Chairman
John R. Palumbo
Executive Vice Chairman
Denise Mayhew
Chief Administrative Officer
Jon H. Friesen, CMCE, PAHM
Chief Operations Officer
James Morse
Chief Financial Officer
Whitney Courser
Senior Vice President
Stephanie Tarry
Senior Vice President
Andrea Gonzales
Executive Vice President of Operations
Julie Stumberg
Executive Vice President of Operations
Tom Eicke
President of Market Development
Denise Wilkens
President, Benefit Management
Marc Rubinger
CEO, ValueHealth
Marshall Maran
CEO, MUVE Health
Charles Kano
COO, HealthcareRE