Meet the brains behind it all

NueHealth was founded in 2014 by a team of entrepreneurs and industry experts who are committed to rethinking and reinventing healthcare around the world.

Dan Tasset | Chairman & CEO, NueHealth

Dan is an entrepreneur, philanthropist and strong proponent of healthcare reform. In 1997, he founded Nueterra as a private equity firm that invests in, incubates, and provides operational leadership and support for healthcare facilities and providers. In recent years, Dan has expanded Nueterra’s offerings to include healthcare-sector innovation, technology, services, insurance, finance and real estate. He has pioneered a variety of business models over the past 20 years that have positioned Nueterra as a leader in provider payment reform as well as the patient-to-consumer revolution. Dan is widely recognized as a thought leader in biostatistics, epidemiology and risk management.

Tim O’Brien | Chief Operating Officer, NueHealth

Tim joined NueHealth with more than 20 years of sales, sales management and operations experience. As the Chief Operating Officer, he is responsible for the global operations and strategic and operational leadership of NueHealth’s sales, marketing, management and international services. Under O’Brien’s leadership, NueHealth has laid the groundwork for several integrated provider networks and increased its domestic and international portfolio through the addition of facilities, service lines, management contracts and regional offices. He is a public speaker, an instructor on strategic selling and a private pilot.

David Ayers | Chief Development Officer, NueHealth

As the Chief Development Officer of NueHealth, David provides executive leadership for the company’s sales and development teams of healthcare, networking and technology professionals, all of whom play a key role in developing and managing both networks and facilities. He has 30 years of experience developing, building and managing hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, imaging, physical therapy and urgent care centers throughout the United States. David also participates in a leadership role for advocacy initiatives at state and national levels.

Jon Friesen | Chief Financial Officer, NueHealth

Jon brings to his position more than 25 years of healthcare industry experience, having previously filled such progressive management positions as CFO, COO and CEO of various managed healthcare organizations. His considerable experience has included work for companies in which annual revenues exceeded $600 million and makes him an ideal leader for NueHealth. As Chief Financial Officer, Jon is responsible for guiding NueHealth through the healthcare maze of financial risk, while simultaneously guiding investment efforts and operational budgets, ensuring the company’s ongoing success.

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